'Why are you selling random t-shirts and posters', you ask?

Good question. I ask myself the same thing sometimes. But it comes down to this: As a visual artist, generally curious cat, and one of those people that does a million things, I'm often struck with odd phrases or ideas that make me chuckle. There's no place in any of my other pursuits for these things to live but I just have to scratch those itches, for fear that they will stop coming if I ignore them (I know, I'm so dramatic). I thought there's gotta be at least one more person on this spinning rock that can appreciate these. So that's that.

Also, after almost 2 decades shooting bands, places, and random shit, I have thousands of images that have never seen the light of day. I'm working really hard on not being a photo hermit, and I wanna share my love of physical media. There really is nothing like seeing a photo you took blown up and then put in a frame for your wall. 

So, yeah. Thanks for your support. As a hardcore DIY kid, your purchase genuinely helps me to keep doing these things I love, and makes the whole human existence, that much more bearable.

Love you. Like, actually.